• Romance

    Welcome Home, Abby: Clean Marriage of Convenience Romance (Those Hawthorne Men Book 1)

    No one ever really gets a second chance with their first love…right? It was only supposed to be a simple, one-year marriage of convenience. Abby would marry Jackson and help care for his daughter. In return, Jackson would protect her from her evil ex. The fact that Jackson was her first love, and losing him nearly destroyed her, is completely irrelevant. She’s not about to let herself fall for him again. She’ll just have to somehow learn to ignore the very inconvenient feelings he still manages to stir within her… Letting Abby get away was the biggest mistake Jackson ever made. He can’t afford to spend too much time dwelling on that now, though. He has a daughter to raise. And what she needs is Abby. A platonic marriage seemed like the logical solution for everyone involved. Too bad his heart doesn’t seem to have any interest in logic… Can Abby and Jackson overcome their painful past to build a life—and a happily ever after—together? Or are they destined to remain star-crossed forever? Read more