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    Ninja Cookbook: 2 Books in 1: Get the Most Out Your Multi-cooker With More Than 300 Quick, Easy and Mouth-watering Recipes. Grill, Roast, Air Fry, Bake … to Amaze Your Family and Your Friends!

    The days of running back and forth from your backyard grill to check on the meat to your stovetop in the kitchen to check on the vegetables are over. Today is your lucky day! With the Ninja Foodi Cookbook (Black & White version), you can make easy and tasty recipes all in one place with this extremely convenient and easy to use multi-cooker. With the Ninja Foodi , you’ll learn a revolutionary new cooking method that saves you time and stress while making dinner for the family. This cookbook is more than just your average recipe book, though. Inside these pages, you’ll find a plethora of beginner and advanced recipes to make in your multi-cooker and instructions for how to clean and maintain your Ninja Foodi. No matter what type of food you’re craving, we guarantee there’s a recipe to satisfy that craving in this cookbook! With this cookbook in your kitchen, you will: Learn how to use, care for, and clean your Ninja Foodi to make the most delicious meals and keep it in tiptop shape Save time while making dinner with the convenient cooking settings so you can focus on other tasks at hand Save money by cooking meals at home more often rather than eating out when you don’t have time to cook Have a plethora of recipes including appetizers, side dishes, meats, seafood, fish, desserts, and more Improve your cooking skills with recipes ranging from beginner to advanced levels Impress your friends and family with delicious home-cooked meals that taste as if they came straight from the restaurant With UK measurement conversion! Let the Ninja Foodi Cookbook transform the way you cook meals at home forever. Save time, save money, and eat healthier meals with the recipes contained in this revolutionary book. Are you ready to start making the best meals of your life in your Ninja Foodi? …Then Order Your Copy of the Cookbook and Get Cooking Today! Read more