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    Drowning a Ghost: A Cale Van Waring Adventure (The Chemist Series Book 4)

    There are many ways to murder a man but fewer ways to kill his ghost. Detective Cale Van Waring must destroy his would-be killers to prevent a new opioid from hitting the market. Working undercover, Cale meets with an ex-con who is brutally murdered only hours later. Cale and his partner are thrust into the middle of a double-homicide investigation. The killings are traced to a crime syndicate planning to bring a new, non-lethal fentanyl version to market. Shaky clues lead the detectives to opioid pushers posing as corporate dairy farmers. Even worse, Cale learns the drug gang is partnered with Big Pharma—people who will stop at nothing to control the multi-billion-dollar pain relief industry. But before Cale can piece the puzzle together, the dealers drop him into seventy feet of open water during a turbulent thunderstorm. With his pregnant fiancé also under attack, and his need to save a young girl from sex traffickers, Cale clings to a floating beer cooler as his final hope. Yet survive or not, the clock keeps ticking on an opioid battle spinning out of control. Read more