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    The Diabetic Cookbook and Meal Plan for the Newly Diagnosed: 500 Tasty, Easy and Healthy Diabetic Diet Recipes With 28-day Meal Plan to Manage Prediabetes and Dm Type 2

    Are you ready to access a wealth of delicious diabetic-friendly recipes for quick, healthy meals you’ll love? If you have recently been diagnosed with diabetes or want to prevent a worsening of your condition, then I have great news for you… The truth is, it can be tremendously daunting! Diabetes is a delicate condition that you must treat with care to promote your well-being, and nutrition plays a key role in this. But the food sphere hides a small pitfall…. While you know exactly what your nutritional needs are: What to eat, How to cook it & Wich are the best foods to promote energy are often exhausting questions that make your diabetes or prediabetes condition a real struggle. But it doesn’t have to be that way… ★ With this cookbook on your shelf, you’ll always have a wealth of +500 healthy, quick, and diabetic-friendly recipes at your fingertips for the right meal on every occasion! Starting with breakfast, passing through snacks, lunch, aperitifs, all the way to dinner, Jayda Dillard will lead you into a universe of flavor and health that you’ll love. ★ This cookbook wasn’t simply made to outline a variety of diabetic recipes but to let you fall in love with the endless culinary possibilities you’ll discover! With a careful selection of the best meals for diabetics, Jayda Dillard is honored to provide you with her finest recipes for your well-being. Say goodbye to uncertainty, boredom, or lack of appetite, the recipes contained in this cookbook are designed to be easy to make, wholesome, and incredibly tasty. ✓ Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover: Over +500 original, hand-picked recipes to deliver maximum satisfaction with a minimal effort; Clear step-by-step directions for each recipe for guaranteed success even on the first try; A handy end index for picking your next dish at a glance and always having the ace up your sleeve on any occasion; And a wealth of new smells, scents, and sensations that you won’t ever want to live without… BONUS: A complete 28-day meal plan to try the recipes in the book and find out your favorites! If you’re tired of never knowing what to eat, not meeting your calorie needs, and getting yelled at by your nutritionist, then you know the choice you need to make… Diabetes doesn’t have to be a nightmare – let this cookbook give you a proof