• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Traitor’s Honor (Hydronia: Traitor Trilogy Book 1)

    The undersea world is divided by war. On one side: The Hydronian loyalists, seeking to maintain their control. On the other: The Crux separatists, seeking to set up a nation of their own. For Nex Dalvor, the war has always been a simple matter. One of the Crux Brotherhood—an elite warrior group that fights in mechanical exosuits rather than regular combat armor—he is the “poster boy” of the rebellion. To him, it has always seemed black and white. He believes as he’s always been taught to believe: That Hydronians are hateful and dangerous, little better than animals, and that the Crux is the epitome of goodness and justice. Until one small incident, in the heat of battle, changes everything. When he witnesses a Hydronian soldier sacrifice himself for a civilian, Dalvor’s beliefs are shaken for the first time. This small spark becomes a chain-reaction of doubt as he begins to see the Crux for what it truly is. And yet it’s not so simple as just leaving, or refusing to do what he’s told: Even talking about such things is far too dangerous to do openly. As he tries to cling to the familiarity of his old beliefs, as politicians in his home city of Armidon try to come between him and the woman he loves, he finds himself in a tightening noose of doubt and treachery. Because, even for the most dangerous warrior in the undersea world, nothing is as easy as it seems. Welcome to Hydronia.