Young Adult

    Kills Me: a Dark Ya Paranormal Romance

    He is a beautiful, twisted nightmare. I shouldn’t want him to want me.Shaw “Someone or something is hunting her. The poor little rich girl is a magnet for trouble, just like she was back when. I should walk away. Still, an irrational part of me wants to become that single dose of raw, hard reality that…teaches her. But I wouldn’t be the type of teacher she’s used to; I wouldn’t be easy on her. I’d break her down, only to resurrect her, knowing she’d never be the same again. And where would that lead?” Cherish “If eyes are the soul’s window, his soul is utterly drop-dead terrifying. Shaw MacRath has the fiercest set of pale blue greys. Predatory. Not quite human. Eyes like the wolf at the Miami zoo, beautiful, distant, treacherous, like a waterfall you’d die trying to get to. How can I be sure that he isn’t the very thing that is hunting me?”A dark YA paranormal mafia shifter standalone that is part of a series. Written in dual FMC/MMC 1st person POV.Mature content: strong language, violence, references to suicide and drug abuse, and sexual scenes. Recommended reading age is 17+ Read more