• Paranormal

    Bewitched in Blood: A Steamy Paranormal Witches & Shifter Romance (Hellhound Protectors Book 1)

    I escaped death once and now the demon is back to claim my soul. The only thing standing between us is a hellhound shifter who sets my body and heart on fire… Blood witch Topaz should be dead. She evaded the demon monster once before, with the help of the Fae Winter Court. But now the soul collector is back on the hunt and she is firmly in his sights. Hellhound shifter Kyan’s pack owes the blood witch’s family a debt. He’s there not to kill Topaz, but to protect her from his former Otherworld masters. But how can she trust the man with the intense green eyes—the man who ignites her body with molten heat and sets her heart fluttering—when the hellhound genes Kyan carries in his veins are the same as the creatures she’s been running from? Will the man who has stolen her heart, also take her life? A steamy paranormal fantasy romance, edgy and dark, perfect for fans of K.F. Breene, Dannika Dark, Jaymin Eve and Linsey Hall. One-click BEWITCHED IN BLOOD and start the HELLHOUND PROTECTORS series today! ~~~ Author’s note: This series is set in the same world as the BLOOD FAE CHRONICLES series. Read both, and enjoy! HELLHOUND PROTECTORS:Bewitched in BloodBewitched in DreamsBewitched in Darkness BLOOD FAE CHRONICLES:Banshee CryBanshee SongBanshee PowerBanshee Quest: Renna’s Curse Read more
  • Paranormal

    Banshee Cry: A Steamy Paranormal Fantasy Romance (Blood Fae Chronicles Book 1)

    I’m a banshee without a voice. But I’ll do anything to save those I love. Even climb into bed with my enemy. Vampires killed my father. Destroyed my innocence. Now the monsters are back, craving my hybrid banshee-human blood. Their very presence threatens everyone and everything I care about. I will not let them win. And if I need to team up with the sexy vamp on my doorstep to fight back, then that’s what I’ll do. Even if every cell in my body screams out to stake the monster right through his cold, undead heart. Even if his blood sings to mine—lights up my body—in ways I can’t explain. This time, I will do anything to be heard. With or without my banshee cry. A hot and steamy paranormal romance featuring sexy fae and vampires, perfect for fans of Dannika Dark, Elizabeth Briggs and Jaymin Eve. One-click Banshee Cry today and start the intriguing Blood Fae Chronicles series now! ~~~Author’s Note: This series is set in the same world as the Hellhound Protectors series. Read both, and enjoy!BLOOD FAE CHRONICLES (can be read in any order):Banshee CryBanshee SongBanshee PowerBanshee Quest: Renna’s Curse (A prequel & sequel in one) HELLHOUND PROTECTORS (should be read in order):Bewitched in BloodBewitched in DreamsBewitched in Darkness Read more