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    Character: Empowering Yourself With Emotional Intelligence

    Dive into Character and you will determine your strengths and weaknesses through introspective action-oriented exercises and journal opportunities. You will develop a vision for your best self and be provided with a clear path to developing greater integrity, better interpersonal and community relationships, and a tangible sense of personal direction. Book One from the Become Your Best Self series from New York Times Bestselling Author Dr. Jennifer Freed Ph. D ˃˃˃ Jennifer Freed, M.A., M.F.T., is a licensed marriage, family, and child therapist with twenty years of experience in psychotherapy. The founder of Astrological Counseling Seminars, an institute for astrological psychology, she is a professional astrologer who has been teaching the subject for eight years. Freed lives in Santa Barbara, California. Scroll up and grab a copy today.