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    Oh, the Seeds You Can Sow : A Children’s Book about Sowing ‘Seeds of Kindness’ in a Great Big World (The Adventures of Janie Grace)

    How can someone so small create such a big change? Join Janie Grace, a spunky seven-year-old, on a big adventure as she learns the value of planting just few good seeds in the world around her. Janie Grace is excited to finally get to work on her Papa’s apple orchard, but little does she know, she is about to learn a lesson that will change her life forever. Papa showed me the apple seeds again. “Oh, the seeds you can sow in this world, Janie Grace, if you just look for the opportunities. Every time you say or do something kind, you are planting good seeds in someone else’s heart. You never know how far just one little seed will go.” Janie Grace is determined to plant some good seeds and finds courage to choose kindness, even when the school bully makes it difficult. She watches as her positive seeds multiply and spread at home, at school, and even to the world, learning to never underestimate the power and growth of one tiny seed. “Oh, the Seeds You Can Sow” is a story of hope, compassion, courage, and even second chances. This delightful children’s book provides a timeless moral that is ideal for children ages 3-9 and Pre K-3rd grade. It is an excellent resource for classroom and school libraries that teachers can utilize on the first day of school, or throughout the school year, to help foster an invaluable culture of kindness. Also available in Hardback! Read more
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    A Dinner to Remember : a Tale of Comparison and Gratitude

    How can you learn to be grateful when life seems so unfair?Join Janie Grace, a spunky seven-year-old, on her newest adventure as she learns the power of stopping to appreciate the beauty that’s already right in front of her. Janie Grace is excited for all the holiday festivities that Thanksgiving brings. She is especially excited about going to the annual county-wide fall festival; however, things take a turn for the worse when nothing seems to go her way. Alas, when Thanksgiving Day doesn’t seem to go much better, she finds herself in the kitchen helping her grandmother and gets a little heart-to-heart that helps to change her whole perspective. “You wanna know a secret?” Nena said. My ears perked up a little because I love secrets. She leaned in close. “The secret to being truly thankful is never looking at what someone else has… but always looking at what you have. Right now. Today. We have so much to be thankful for―if we aren’t careful, we’ll get so busy looking at everyone else that we just might miss all the amazing things that are right in front of us.” “A Dinner to Remember” is a heartwarming tale that provides an invaluable lesson for children of all ages. It’s a gentle reminder that oftentimes, the root of ungratefulness is comparison, and an even bigger reminder that there is still much to be thankful for. Your 5-10 year-olds will love reading this one year after year! Read more