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    Reframing Rejection: How Looking Through a Different Lens Changes Everything

    Do you struggle to overcome rejection? Does it seem like no matter what you do, rejection still happens? You twist this way and that, trying to please your boss, friends, and family. Insecurity grips your heart because you wonder if rejection is inevitable. But what if we could move from a place of fearing it to overcoming it? This was the question Jessica Van Roekel asked when she came awake to the consequences of striving for a rejection-proof life. Instead of living in God’s freedom, she lived trapped in people pleasing, perfectionism, and control. Through poignant and personal stories, Jessica takes you through the journey of reframing rejection so that you might live free from rejection’s tyranny. Reading Reframing Rejection will equip and empower you to identify four different rejection categories; discover four lenses to frame rejection experiences in and break unhealthy cycles; face rejection with hope that God has a purpose for you; remove the yoke of living for other people’s approval; experience the exhilarating sufficiency of Jesus; engage with God through the “Reflect,” “Reframe,” and “Renew” portions of each chapter. Reframing Rejection will lead you to freedom, healing, and peace as you discover the joy of walking in the fullness of who God created you to be. Read more