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    The Rules of a Good Prepper: Mini-Guide on the Importance of Organization, Item Selection, Equipment, and Little Tricks on How to Manage Water Supplies

    Are you curious about how to become a good prepper?Have you ever wondered what the steps were to prepare as a prepper?If your answer was undoubtedly a “YES”, then keep reading…Before the dawn of modern civilization, you have to understand that people got all of their medical supplies from natural and herbal sources. So you, too, can learn how to concoct your elixirs and concoctions using natural ingredients to treat common diseases. This prepper’s manual is ideal for getting started with your preparedness endeavors. Preppers, those living off the grid, and others who have faith in the efficacy of natural treatments are the primary targets of this publication.Being a prepper entails many different responsibilities and roles. This book teaches preppers how to utilize natural medicines, particularly herbs, and usually plant-based materials to preserve good health and also treat ailments while living off the grid. The primary emphasis of this actual book is on educating preppers how to their roles and also the use natural medicines.Here is just a fraction of what you’ll learn from; “THE RULES OF A GOOD PREPPER: Mini-Guide on the Importance of Organization, Item Selection, Equipment, and Little Tricks on how to Manage Water Supplies“ Rules to Keep in Mind as a Prepper Planning Preparation for a Prepper Roles Played by a Prepper Essential Equipment for a Prepper Managing Water Supplies and… so much more! You need to understand the basics of prepping and ask yourself why you need to prepare and be ready for all situations. The modern-day preppers are trying to prepare themselves for a specific time when life becomes challenging. They intend to be self-reliant and independent to take on all challenges, irrespective of their intensity. All of these challenges might take the face of almost anything or everything, and all of them fall under the SHTF category. It might just be simple winter adversity, an earthquake, or a pandemic. Everything that challenges your normal livelihood is a challenge for you. Every prepper takes the initiative to get ready for all risks specific to personal or geographical factors.And keep in mind that even if you get stuck, you can always send us an email (provide inside each book of the series), we are always happy to help you with any questions you might have.For you who are looking for all the answers to your worries, THE RULES OF A GOOD PREPPERprovides all the information you need about being a prepper and some basics of prepping.So what are you waiting for?Grab a copy and read THE RULES OF A GOOD PREPPER, and find out more! Read more