• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    The King Stone (The Earth Grid Series Book 1)

    Della has the Talent. She just doesn’t know it yet. Della Marshal doesn’t believe in magic. A top archaeology student at Oxford, she’s more interested in history, facts, and building a respectable academic career. All that changes when she discovers her professor is a murderer who performs rituals with other robed creeps under moonlight and sacrifices innocent people to gain access to ancient, evil magic. Lucas Lancaster, a handsome and mysterious loner, insists on helping Della. He’s from an old wizarding family. After dark forces killed his parents, he vowed to stay away from magic. But magic chose him, and apparently Della too, even though she thinks all this is nonsense. Despite their differences, Della and Lucas must work together to stop the cult’s activation of ley lines and their ultimate goal of apartheid and racial killings… The King Stone can be read as a standalone novel. Continue The Earth Grid series for character development and more intriguing plot lines based on real history, folklore, theories, and settings in the UK.