• Horror

    The Emerald Tablet: Chronicles of The Supernatural Book One

    Evil could tear their world apart. It’s up to seven teens to stop the apocalypse… Shaun can’t shake the deep anger over his mother’s death. But when his father’s desperate actions release parasitic hell-beasts upon the world, he has a much bigger fight on his hands. Kevin hoped his country would be immune to the pandemic turning everyday people into psychopaths. But as his horror grows, an incredible new power could be the only thing that prevents Earth’s destruction. Sophia is terrified of God’s plan for her. Plagued by visions of planetary devastation, she prays she can reach her allies in time to save humanity. As doomsday approaches, can the teens accept their destiny in time to protect their world? The Emerald Tablet: Chronicles of The Supernatural Book One is a thrilling supernatural, apocalyptic fantasy of biblical propotion. If you like brave teenage heroes, intriguing mystical connections, and apocalyptic international settings, then you’ll love JM Hart’s first book in Chronicles of The Supernatural. Buy The Emerald Tablet to unlock the mystical adventure today!