• Young Adult

    The Undiscovered Descendants: Book #1 of the Nordri Series (A Real-World Fantasy Adventure Series)

    Get swept away to mystical Auor Island with a spellbinding tale of magic more ancient and powerful than witches, vampires, or werewolves, a gripping story of friendship and love that defied worlds, and a legend of a modern-day secret society shrouded in ageless myth. And meet the two mysterious, potentially dangerous strangers about to upend Elin Bodil’s life! Centuries ago, in a time of gods and goddesses, four clans from earth’s four corners were given magical abilities to help save humanity. For generations, their descendants have lived in secret societies, occasionally intermingling with regular humans—leading to whispers of unforeseen consequences. Now, in the present day and for unknown purposes, one Clan quietly and desperately seeks the rumored, undiscovered offspring. Meanwhile, in a northern archipelago, Elin leads a perfectly ordinary life on Auor Island with her family. But that happy bubble is burst when, through accident and circumstance, she meets both a motorcycle-driving stranger and the new mysterious boy next door—who are anything but normal. As Elin is drawn into a brewing supernatural conflict—with her two new acquaintances on opposite sides, she must decipher who to trust while unearthing her island’s secrets and those buried deep within herself. Beginning a far bigger, deadlier adventure than she ever imagined, Elin must race for her life as she discovers the Clan’s dangerous schemes—and that nothing is quite as it seems on her sleepy little island! Welcome to Auor Island…and the legend and magic within its ruins! A captivating real-world fantasy adventure told from the perspective of Elin and her two unusual acquaintances, the bestselling first-in-series book blends Norse myth, magic, adventure, science fiction, fantasy, and slow-burn romance. Delighting readers of all ages, The Undiscovered Descendants is perfect for fans of secret societies, hidden worlds, magic powers, tales of family and friendship, friends-to-lovers, magical realism, and paranormal suspense. Praise for The Undiscovered Descendants: “Suspenseful and intriguing…Brilliant characters, ancient Clans, special abilities, magic objects, and teenage relationships all wrapped into a fantastic adventure.” —Manhattan Book Review “If you are a fan of Twilight but are not a fan of young women who need saving you will enjoy The Undiscovered Descendants.” — Amazon reviewer “A wonderful mix of ancient mythology and futuristic fantasy” — Amazon reviewer “Jo Visuri has introduced a unique world that combines modern teenagers and Scandinavian mythology in a delightfully refreshing way.” — ReadersFavorite “The Undiscovered Descendants is a gripping fantasy novel that would lure you into its exciting world and make you want more.” — Goodreads reviewer Ebook now comes with a preview of Book #2! Read more