Sir Pigglesworth’s First Adventure: the Hilarious Hijinks of a Flying Pig in London, England [illustrated Chapter Book for Children Ages 5-10]

    What if little pigs could fly… and have hilarious and educational adventurestraveling around the world? Introducing Sir Pigglesworth, the world’s first talking pig to be knighted by Queen Alexandra for bravery! His mission – is to travel to new and exciting cities around the world to learn about their cultures and famous landmarks and bring cheer, smiles, and laughter to all the children he meets there. First stop…LONDON!! In this adventure, Sir Pigglesworth follows his parents to London’s Heathrow Airport. He was supposed to stay home with his grandmother, but the rambunctious royal rascal was not always very good at following the rules! He wants to surprise his parents with his smiling face in Vancouver! Surely, they would be thrilled to see him there…wouldn’t they? After all, what could go wrong? Sir Pigglesworth’s First Adventure is a delightfully illustrated children’s book that teaches kids valuable life lessons about making new friends, being helpful, and discovering new places.The book also takes readers on an exciting tour of London, England with stops at famous locations like Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and the London Eye! The Sir Pigglesworth Adventure Series has quickly become a favorite of teachers, parents, and grandparents for teaching kids about geography and cultures, and kids can’t get enough of the funny pig and his enthusiastic antics. Next stop… Vancouver, British Columbia, in Sir Pigglesworth’s Adventures in Vancouver! “My five-year-old son is giving this book a huge 5-Star vote because it kept him entertained far into the night, and he still had questions after we’d finished reading it together […] Kids will love the character of the pig, whom they’d be eager to follow in his discoveries. This series surely establishes JoAnn Wagner as a master in the children’s books genre.” — Divine Zape, for Readers Favorite Page Up and Order Now. Read more