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    The Longing: Embracing the Deepest Truth of Who You Are

    Do you know you are a chosen, loved and accepted child of God? Without consciously knowing the questions," says Joey O’Connor, "our hearts are asking, ‘Do I belong? Will people like me? Am I lovable? Will people accept me for who I am? Will I be chosen?’ Ever since we were children, our hearts have hungered to know whose we are." In The Longing, Joey O’Connor offers an uplifting, fresh view of God’s relentless love, giving you a whole new vision of how you see yourself and others. Your love and commitment to Christ will grow as a result. The Longing includes Book Club and Bible Study Leader Discussion Questions. You also receive access to free ebooks and webinars from The Grove Center for the Arts & Media, a Southern California arts non-profit organization founded by Joey O’Connor. The Grove Center for the Arts & Media exists to cultivate the spiritual life and creative work of artists.