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    In The Blood of Justice: (Anonymous Series Book 1)

    A small-town Sheriff’s daughter finds herself caught up in a string of brutal murders. And there’s only one man who can make her feel safe again. He’s known as Anonymous… A man with no memory of his past, destined to face off against the worst of the worst. A wave of killing terrifies the residents of the Sheriff’s quiet town, and each murder has the same MO. Anonymous is sure it’s all connected, and his mysterious past may hold a vital clue to solving the case. But the stubborn Sheriff is hellbent on keeping him away from the investigation. Is it merely pride that has the Sheriff so twisted? Or does he have secrets of his own to keep… From bestselling author John Greyson, In the Blood of Justice, is part one of the pulse-pounding Anonymous series, featuring a killer for hire with no memory of his past. Follow his adventures as he pieces together the shocking mystery behind his true identity.