Mysteries & Thrillers

    The Other Daniel: a Thrilling Short Story

    The worst chapter in her life was only the beginning. “This short story is long on suspense.” ★★★★★ Daniel Sykes was an infamous serial killer whose capture ended Camille Grisham’s FBI career. When she learns that their violent confrontation will be immortalized in a book, Camille has grave misgivings. What she doesn’t realize is that a much darker story is being written; one with immediate and deadly consequences. The author of the book is not who he appears to be. He isn’t motivated by money or fame. He wants revenge and will stop at nothing to make Camille pay for her past mistakes. She naively believed that the Daniel Sykes saga was safely behind her. But the future has something else in store, and it is more perilous than anything she could have ever imagined. Read more