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    Jolie Canoli Phonics Alphabet: Super Sounded Out Abcs

    Learn phonics with letters that look like their sounds! Jolie Canoli Phonics books appeal to visual learners with illustrated letters that attach sounds images to their letter shapes. Jolie Canoli Alphabet teaches every sound of the consonants and the soft and long sounds of the vowels. Kids learn that G says /g/ in gargle, and /j/ in giraffe, and they will also learn when and why consonants change their sounds. Mnemonics, humor, kinesthetic tactile tracing, and fun rhymes make phonics memorization and letter identification simple. Unlock the Power to Read Buddy the dog and hedgehog Pip are featured every few pages going on adventures teaching children simple 2-letter or 3-letter words. Buddy & Pip illustrations provide fun blending practice for kids and easy phonetic recall practice. Tracing practice with straightforward, clear, visuals teach proper handwriting without tears or frustration. Leap into Abstract Thinking Reading requires abstract thinking. Children are born with practical thinking skills- touch it, eat it, smell it, and learn its qualities, uses, and applications. Reading asks children to connect meaning to symbols. Children must understand that a symbol (A, B, C) signifies a sound, and then merge those sounds to form words. Jolie Canoli Phonics make it easier for children to acquire abstract thinking skills. Children don’t have to connect an image with a symbol; instead– the image is the symbol. Each sound has a visual, anthropomorphic icon in the shape of the letter. These images are carefully designed to help your child form a mental memory picture of the letter and its corresponding sound(s). Schools, Homeschoolers, and Second Langauge Learners Great for English language learners and children learning to read, this book compliments any phonics reading instruction, including Orton-Gillingham method based curriculum. Teachers, educators, and homeschool parents love these books for classroom reading and instructional material. Supplement any literacy program, assist struggling readers, and equip dyslexic learners with this approachable phonics instruction. Kindergarteners, preschoolers, and elementary children learning spelling rules or needing phonetic training will love Jolie Canoli Phonics Alphabet! Read more