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    Practice Like This: 35 Effective Ways to Get Better Faster

    If you’re alive, you’re trying to get better at something. It could be your golf swing or guitar, parenting or painting, gaming, cooking, or any other skill. The strategies in this book are top-shelf, pulled from neuroscience, research on excellence, and world-class masters in many fields, presented in an easy-to-understand style that is sometimes funny and always friendly. Hundreds of helpful images and graphics. 6 SECTIONS, 42 HACKS:1-Talent Is Practice in Disguise: Learn the 3 kinds of practice and how your brain is rewired when you learn new skills. 2-Motivation Is Like Bathing (A daily requirement): Your deepest, unspoken beliefs profoundly affect your motivation to improve, ya filthy animal. 3-You Are Unique (and so is everybody else): Learn why your reaction to difficulty matters. And why teachers and coaches matter just as much. 4-Time: The Most Valuable Thing You Spend: Forget the 10,000-hour rule. Practice time isn’t what you’ve been led to believe, nor is it otherwise. 5-Where You At? Where you practice and who you’re with will affect how fast and how much you improve. What can you do about it? 6-Do it To it! Some of the most effective practice strategies and techniques: used by pros, tested by science!