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    Super Interesting Facts for Smart Kids: 1272 Fun Facts About Science, Animals, Earth and Everything in Between

    Did you know that only around a quarter of the Sahara Desert is covered in sand? And did you know that cash machines in Vatican City have an option to read their instructions in Latin? Did you know tug-of-war and rope climbing used to be official Olympic sports? There is no denying that the world is super interesting, and these Super Interesting Facts for Smart Kids prove precisely that! This fascinating book brings you a total of 1272 facts – covering every subject from science to sport, sea creatures to stars, and kings and queens to reptiles and amphibians – in a wild ride of extraordinary information, guaranteed to surprise and amaze even the smartest kids! Twelve chapters divide these amazing facts into themed sections such as: Space, Sport, History, Geography, Sport, Science, Words and Language, and The Arts. Each chapter is then split into several smaller sections, so readers can explore the world in even more detail! And a final Pot Luck section covers anything and everything not included elsewhere – including facts about dance, business, fashion, and technology. Only here will you find out why you have to stand on a chair to play an octobass, why exactly the French king Charles IV went mad, and where on Earth there is an island that is so mountainous that the people who live there have to speak in a language made entirely of loud whistles! So what are you waiting for?! Let’s dive right into these Super Interesting Facts for Smart Kids! Read more