• Historical Fiction

    Never Forget: a Nazi Hunter Origin Story

    Before Jacob Mitzak was the legendary Nazi hunter known as The Hammer Of Israel, he was just a scared boy living in a nightmare.  His mentors would go on to become spymasters and politicians, but first they must all survive the ambitions of a mad Austrian.  Staying alive from one day to the next in the prison camp is challenging enough, but now one of their own has begun murdering guards in the night.  The killer leaves the dead wrapped in the wire of the fences with their eyes torn out. This would be a cause for celebration, were it not for the reprisals of Commandant Hoss, who has not taken kindly to his guards being executed. One prisoner knows the identity of the killer, but with one catch. This witness loses his memory every five minutes.  Never Forget is the prequel to The Hammer Of Israel and the beginning of the Jericho Black Universe. A vividly realized historical thriller, this book mixes rigorously researched history with a spine chilling mix of horror and edge of your seat action.