• Young Adult

    Alligator Heretics: a Novel

    When their classmate vanishes, an autistic high schooler and his friends seek answers. What they find will challenge their deepest beliefs. In a humid South Florida suburb, Arthur Morton and his friends begin their senior year at Righteous Christ Academy. Go Gators! Two weeks in, one of them vanishes without a trace. While attempting to find their missing classmate, they uncover dark secrets hidden by their teachers and pastors. Besides dealing with crushes, musical auditions, and college applications, the students face their most intense personal struggles yet, through encounters with homophobia, misogyny, purity culture, and more. Loosely inspired by author Joshua Sobel’s teenage years, Alligator Heretics explores the traumas commonly found in individuals raised in American Christian fundamentalism, and the bonds that form when they walk through fire together. What Readers Are Saying… “Bravely pushes the boundaries of the coming-of-age genre by giving us a unique, yet extremely relatable perspective on growing up with autism and enduring religious trauma.” — Tiffany Keyes, Former Mental Health Clinician “The story is engaging, the autism representation is spot-on, and the characters are fully human with three entire-ass dimensions.” — Alexis Record, Author of Bedtime with Bitsy “A brilliant and creative portrayal of growing up in fundamentalist culture from a perspective that desperately needs to be heard.” — Name Redacted, Former Missionary Read more