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    The Courage Tunnel: A Rhyming Story to help 3-8 year olds feel more Courageous (Good Reminder Series)

    Do you want your child to learn to be brave? When it comes to courage, we sometimes just need a place to start or a reminder that we can all be brave. The Courage Tunnel was written to give children a simple yet gentle reminder that they can face challenges one step at a time. Bravery is not about feeling brave, but rather about facing your challenges even though you feel scared. Join Bobby the Bunny as he conquers his fear and learns that even though he is small and feels scared, he can also be brave. This book will help your 3-8 year old child by: Inspiring them to have more courage. Providing them with fun ideas and ways to increase their feelings of bravery. Teaching them the benefits of bravery. Improving their reading and language skills as this story is written in rhyme (wonderful for language development). Engaging them visually with beautiful illustrations (with “Search and Find” elements on every page). Improving their emotional intelligence and teaching them life skills that will prove most valuable as they grow up. Teaching them fun facts about animals – particularly rabbits. This is a Proudly South African book! This book has 24 pages. Read more