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    The Underers: a Young Girl Meets Afamily Like No Other

    “Journee’s burgeoning relationship with her new underground family makes for an endearing tale. Younger readers will delight in the creatures of Shadow Edge.” Publishers Weekly “Christopher never ceases to amaze with his clever, thrilling, funny, and suspiciously spooky story telling.” Cheryl Hayward, Los Angeles Journee is the highlight, an impressively off-kilter little girl! Kit Packer, Glasgow The Underers is bizarre, funny, and utterly unique. As Publishers Weekly put it, “a real delight for young readers. “ Journee Blake hates everything. She can’t stand the way she looks. She despises her brother. And she’s so tired of constantly having to move because her father can’t keep a job. With no friends, no allies at home, and no hope of things getting better soon, the last thing she needs is one more problem. Unfortunately, a much bigger problem is right under her nose. She’s convinced strange beings live under her house. Between struggling to fit in at school, a father who blames her for mysterious messes in the house, and all the other things wrong in her life, she now has to figure out how a house she knows she cleaned ends up in such disarray. A brief investigation proves her hunch is right. Strange, white glowing beings known as the Underers are to blame. When she discovers their magical world 101 steps beneath her bed, she’s elated at the prospect of having the perfect secret family… until they make an unreasonable request. Now she must choose between meeting their demands or losing them forever. ★ PUBLISHERS WEEKLY REVIEW ★ After moving seven times in seven years due to her cop father losing his job, Journee Blake expects Millwater to be no different from every other place: she’ll be sharing a room in a strange new house with her obnoxious younger brother, school bullies will make fun of her weight, and they’ll soon leave yet another town. But a secret door at 88 Cabbage Tree Avenue leads down 101 steps to Shadow Edge, a sewer-laden land home to Chime, Panic, and Memory, three white, bloblike sentient creatures with antennae called Underers. As Journee navigates both frustrating classmates and gaining a new friend at school, she learns that the Underers are linked to the home’s ancient alarm—and that Shadow Edge houses dangerous secrets that threaten their realm and the human one above. Christopher’s supporting cast is one-note and the parental figures are comically absurd, but Journee’s burgeoning relationship with her new underground family makes for an endearing tale. Younger readers will delight in the creatures of Shadow Edge, along with the abundant crude humor, as Christopher’s whimsical narrative grounds itself in themes including grief, loss, and the occasionally scary nature of change. Ages 9–12. Read more
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    Freakout Island: Welcome to the World’s Worst Theme Park!

    “Freakout Island is a delight to read – by yourself or out loud. Loads of funny moments that will appeal to kids of all ages.” Suzy Cato – Children’s television host “Bonkers, batty and completely bananas, Freakout Island is a hoot!” James Russell – author of the Dragon Brothers Trilogy “My just turned 9 year old loved this book!” Deb Lay – Book Reviewer “If you can embrace nose-picking, bubblegum-popping and banana-yellow tracksuits; this book will give you a rollercoaster ride! We all loved it!” Suse Jones, Wiltshire, UK FREAKOUT ISLAND tells the story of five children who are tricked into visiting a wonderfully magical island, which quickly becomes a hilarious and unexpected disaster. Ten-year-old Leo Wriggly enjoys the spoils of his parents’ unusual careers. Life as Professional Competition Winners has its perks. One enormous perk is a particularly lucky week that nets Mum and Dad a nice vacation for two. Unfortunately, that leaves Leo stuck at home with his old Aunt Margo. A stickler for rules, Aunt Margo is none too pleased with Leo’s behavior. When she witnesses him swallowing his chewing gum, that’s the last straw. Off to Friendly Island she sends him until his parents return, but things are not all they seem on the island. It doesn’t take long for Leo to discover Friendly Island isn’t so friendly after all. It’s a place where naughty children are sent to correct their disgusting behavior. Four other children arrive with him and soon unusual punishments are distributed, and the results are mind-boggling. Harriet is cursed with a bird’s nest atop her head for her “crimes”. Felix literally loses his mind. Ricky is forced to spend eternity squawking like a parrot. Eden’s hands are made of glue. And poor Leo is now forced to live with massive bubbles blowing out of his butt for swallowing gum. Can Leo save himself and his friends before the island’s Komodo dragon eats them for supper, or is their fate already sealed? ★ What the cool kids are saying about Freakout Island “The first book my two boys have both 100% invested in outside of Roald Dahl.”Dave Ward ***** “I found the storyline and the main idea intriguing. The idea of getting sent to Freakout Island would be a dream and a nightmare at the same time. If I was one character in the book, I would be Leo Wriggly, because I like his habit; eating bubble gum. I think you should read this book, because it is funny, exciting, and if you like Paul Jennings, you’ll love this.”Theo Key, 12 ***** Freakout Island is, put simply, a marvellous book. It seems to be made of a wonderful concoction of heart, humour, and sheer unfiltered happiness, all held together by a copious amount of pink bubble-gum. I laughed, gasped, and worried about the characters’ fates, and I loved every second of it.Taylor Malmo Read more