• Paranormal

    Darkhouse (Experiment in Terror #1)

    Book one in a slow-burn psychologically thrilling romance series, from a New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling author Perry Palomino seems like your average twenty-something girl on the surface. She’s had bad luck dating, her job sucks, and she’s disillusioned by her place in life, not sure exactly what she wants or where she’s even going. She also sees ghosts, which makes things extra complicated, especially when she’d do anything to be normal. But normal people don’t go exploring an abandoned and supposedly haunted lighthouse on the Oregon coast, where she ends up getting the attention of Dex Foray, an enigmatic producer who wants to exploit her talent for seeing the dead on his webseries. At first, Perry’s not sure she wants to work with Dex on his amateur ghost-hunting show. He’s cocky, sarcastic, mysterious, and perhaps a little disturbed, not to mention aggravatingly sexy. But the more Perry works alongside Dex, her sanity tested at every turn, the more she realizes that falling for this man might just be the scariest thing of all. Sometimes the ghosts we really need to fear are the ones that live in our pasts.