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    Jack McAfghan: Letters From Rainbow Bridge: Answers to Your Questions about Pet Loss and the Afterlife

    “Can a pet be a soulmate?”“How do I find relief from the guilt of grief?”“Do animals go to Heaven too?”“What IS the Rainbow Bridge?”“Why can’t I see the signs my best friend sends to me?” Over the years since the release of the first book in the Jack McAfghan Pet Loss Series, countless “Dear Jack” letters have been received from grieving readers seeking support, relief and guidance. With the help of his editor and best friend Kate, who receives his channeled afterlife messages loud and clear, canine Jack comes to us from the edge of Rainbow Bridge with answers to open your mind and to heal your heart. You will connect more deeply with your own pet by reading the stories from others who are processing their grief and losses too. The most popular themes, relatable issues and emotions are shared in this deeply touching book which proves that life never ends and that love never dies. Bless your journey. CHAPTER TITLES:Only HumanFacing the InevitableThose Who RemainManaging the EmotionsGuilt: The Human ConditionWhen All is Said and DoneI Didn’t Get to Say GoodbyeThe Grief ProcessFaith: A Matter of the HeartWhen It Seems More Than You Can BearAnniversariesMemorialsMoving Forward/Loving Another PetMay I Ask a Personal Question? Read more