• Horror

    Blood: Splinter and the Devil Book 1 a Paranormal Suspense Mystery

    Blood – Book 1 of Splinter and the Devil… Splinter was born perfect, but when the Devil left his mark he was a cripple… When Marie his masseuse has a family problem and needs to return to Mexico, he goes with her. Soon he meets a mysterious blind ex-priest with a serious drink problem who is going to help Marie. Things are not as Splinter expected them to be when he comes into contact with a dangerous Aztec blood cult that wants him as their sacrifice. Has Marie taken Splinter to Mexico as a sacrificial offering to sort out her family problem? Is he to die or are there greater powers at play? Is the Devil going to get his way or will Splinter’s ancient wooden cross be the undoing of Marie’s plan? Read Blood, the introduction to Splinter, and the Devil series and find out…