• Young Adult

    A Wish Upon a Duke: Sweet Regency Romance

    How does a wallflower change her fate?One MaypoleOne DukeOne naughty puppyAnd a little wish… May Day is bearing down on Mayfair and Miss Aubrey Featherington is facing another failed season. It’s difficult to be a successful debutante when one is as painfully shy as herself. And while she’d love to participate in the May Day festivities, she understands it’s not likely to happen. Her brother would never break from his busy schedule long enough to escort her. Which is why on a misty May morning, she takes a walk and finds herself in front of the Maypole. Instead of wishing for romance or love, she closes her eyes and asks for a gift far more practical. A puppy of her own. The kind that would give her the unconditional love she’s always craved but has never been given. To her shock and amazement, moments later, a puppy bounds into her lap. It’s like a dream except for one rather large detail. The little pup comes attached to a surly and formidable looking duke. Even more odd, he’s on the hunt for a wife. One that will not only suit him but his pack of exuberant hunting dogs. Will Aubrey pass the sniff test? Read more
  • Romance

    A Duke for Miss Daisy: A Sweet Regency Romance (A Wallflower’s Wish Book 1)

    Daisy’s met the duke of her dreams…or is he her worst nightmare? Daisy is a wallflower. Or at least, she was. But this season her prospects are brighter and, much to her mother’s delight, she may just make a match. When the duke she once adored from a distance arrives at the house party she’s attending with her friends, she knows for certain her luck has changed. Until she meets him. Rude, grim, and not at all the knight in shining armor she believed him to be as a child, the now-widowed Duke of Dolan treats her boorishly bad. This isn’t the love at first sight she’d been dreaming of. In fact, it’s a whole lot like disdain. If it were not for the way he held her in his arms, she might just be fooled into thinking he’s not the man for her at all. Luckily for him, his kisses speak louder than his growls. Read more