• Young Adult

    A Curse of Hope and Shadows: Part I

    Discover a haunting tale of forbidden love and unseen dangers in “A Curse of Hope and Shadows.” Adeline, a companion to a cursed young lord, defies the odds and wins his heart, only to uncover a curse that is far from over. This emotional, slow-burn romance will captivate your heart and leave you yearning for more. As acclaimed author L.V. Russell says, “Leave your heart at the door, lest this book bring it to ruins.”
  • Young Adult

    The Rose and the Thorn: A Beauty and the Beast Retelling (The Fey Collection)

    A gripping and mesmerising retelling of a classic story, filled with romance, mystery and intrigue. There is a pale, penetrating loneliness etched into the walls of this forgotten place. A kind of loneliness made living… is this what it feels like to be a ghost, alone in some kind of half world? Taking shelter from a storm, Rose accidentally strays into a deserted fairy realm, and finds herself trapped there with only a mysterious talking beast for company. Although initially reluctant to befriend her strange companion, Rose quickly finds herself growing closer to him. She names him Thorn, and as the castle blossoms into a place of beauty, so too does their friendship. But something else lurks within the walls, a dark force that will stop at nothing to be free once more… If Rose is to survive and lift the curse placed upon the castle, she will have to face her fears and conquer the nightmares that have haunted her since childhood, as well as confront the terrifying creature that stalks the shadows in the night. A passionate retelling of a classic tale, fairy tale fantasy meets Gothic. Will have you sobbing and laughing, and truly believing in the power of true love. Read more