• Paranormal

    Marked: A Martial Arts Twist on Paranormal Romance (The Guardians Book 1)

    “Sexy… [a] breezy writing style and steamy love scenes.” —Publishers Weekly I was born with the mark that singled me out as one of five Guardians who each protects an ancient scroll. You know the kind—the type of scroll that, when you possess it, you become a Super Jedi. Who the hell decided that I should have this gig, and what the hell were they thinking, giving me that kind of responsibility? I had to learn all the rules about protecting my scroll, but now I’ve made up my own: I won’t have anything to do with it or my supposed duties as a Guardian. The one time I followed their rules the person I loved most died. The new rule works too—until a mysterious man walks into my life. He knows too much, about me and the scrolls. And then I find out he’s a Guardian too. Every time he looks at me, I can only wonder one thing: is he trying to steal my scroll or my heart? **Previously Published as Marked by Passion** Read more
  • Romance

    The Words You Say (The Summerhills Next Generation Book 1)

    Kick off the next generation of Summerhills in Ireland, with this friends to lovers novel about love and the power of cake. Cake is like sex: delicious and spicy. And, according to Henriette Buchanan (wedding cake baker extraordinaire), a wedding cake should be doubly so. After all, it represents the lusciousness of a couple’s future, laced with intentions for a happy, fulfilled life. If only someone would bake her a cake like that. Only the intentions she’d ask for would be success, because unless she manages a MAJOR coup, her fledgling cake business is going to take a dive before it’s even taken off. Enter Liam Buckley, aka Hot Chef and Henri’s what if? For Liam, Henri was the one who got away. Now he wants a second chance. Knowing her business is at a critical juncture, he creates an elaborate plan to help her. Step one: have his big shot sister pretend to have a celebrity wedding (ordering a big cake and inviting big media to spotlight it). Step two: invite Henri to their old Irish manor house to make it (the better to woo her). Step three: steal kisses from Henri as they get cooking (yum). Henri is tempted by what Liam is serving, but with the media coverage the wedding promises, she’s focused on her masterpiece. Love can wait, right? She doesn’t have time to have her cake and eat it too. But things get out of hand: add a fake fiancé, an irreverent plumber, and a few Summerhill cousins into the mix, and it’s chaos in County Mayo. Will Henri and Liam be able to create their own perfect future, or will it collapse under the pressure? Read more
  • Romance

    A Holiday of Flowers: Two Holiday Novellas by Two Best Friends

    International bestselling authors and best friends, Ava Miles and Kathia, share stories of their friendship and their two favorite holiday novellas to celebrate the season. Bring in the season with hope, laughter, and love. Including special introductions by both authors on their friendships, life, and champagne. THE HOLIDAY SERENADE by Ava MilesA second chance at love… They had a fling straight-laced Abby’s never forgotten, and now professional gambler Rhett Butler Blaylock has followed her to Dare Valley, Colorado, with the intention of winning back her heart. This time, Rhett’s determined to show Abbie he can be the man of her dreams. This time, it’s forever. MAKE MY WISH COME TRUE by KathiaAt almost thirty, Chloe’s back home living with her parents—jobless, aimless, and hopeless. (Insert a whimper here.) It was supposed to be HER year, topped off with the perfect wedding to the perfect guy. Instead, this year’s been total hell. And how does one end the year from hell? Sequestered with the entire Summerhill family in an estate in Ireland for the holidays, of course. Read more