• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    The Longest Shard: a Gideon Quinn Tale of Fortune

    In the distant future, on the planet Fortune, heroes aren’t born, they’re forged. Wrongly accused of treason, Colonel Gideon Quinn enters the Morton Barrens Penitentiary filled with hate and empty of purpose. Then he meets fellow convict Renny Boucher—a murderer with a long memory and an appetite for vengeance—and discovers, the hard way, there’s more to life in prison than he bargained for. Say, for instance, death in prison. What readers have to say about The Longest Shard… “Awesome! Fantastic! Unputdownable! 5 stars” “… harsh and gritty tale alternated with unexpected humor and surprising moments of grace.” “… compelling characters, intriguing adventure, acerbic humor, boundless heart…” “I read it in one sitting. A marvellous blend of humour, drama, three dimensional characters and story that keeps you reading.”