• Romance

    Concede (The Diamond Empire Book 1)

    A new series of standalone full-length novels from USA Today Bestselling Author Kathy Coopmans. For years, I pretended to be something I’m not. Drowning the beast living inside of me in copious amounts of alcohol and women. Not that I complained. And then Victoria Hughes walks back into my life, and took me by surprise. The woman stunning me clear out of my mind the minute my mouth touched hers. After tragedy strikes and knocks her off her feet, I expected her to come to me, yet she didn’t. She pretended we’re nothing. But I see her. I’ve watched her, and she’s fighting grief while battling an all-consuming need for vengeance. If anyone understands that, it’s me. Deep down, she knows the only way to ease the pain is to give in to me and let justice bleed from her enemy’s veins.And she will. I’m the type of man to make sure of it. But there’s a problem. We have no idea who the enemy is. All we know is they want to destroy The Diamond Empire. Read more