• Young Adult

    A Monaco Minute

    Nicholas Stefano was crushed when Miranda Thatcher left Monaco ten years ago. He spent the following years as a Formula One driver before being unexpectedly cut from his team. When Nicholas finally has the chance for a comeback within the sport, he runs into Miranda. Something he is learning on and off the track: Timing is everything. At twenty-six, Miranda’s life takes a surprising turn. In the wake of her father’s death, she returns to Monaco. Her personal life is in tatters, her future as a sports medicine physician is in the air, and she’s trying to get over her ex. When she runs into Nicholas while waiting for a taxi at the airport, it seems like fate. But when she begins working with Nicholas’ arch-rival on the track (and off of it), it looks like things between them have run their course. Ten years have passed since she really knew Nicholas. And she feels like there’s more to him than he’s letting on. Will they finally get the timing right off the track? Read more