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    The Black Daiquiri: a Humorous, Action-adventure Mystery Novella

    A feisty, out-of-work stuntwoman and her plucky grandmother team up to uncover a deadly conspiracy in this intriguing, witty mystery. I’m Whitley Leland, but you can call me Whit. I was out of work and low on funds when I took a job bartending at a rooftop lounge with an ocean view. What seemed like a cushy job turned deadly when a creep tampered with the boss’s sister’s drink. Maybe jumping off the side of a three-story building was a bit dramatic, but I wanted to catch the guy. Too bad he jumped into a car and sped off. While I decided what to do next, Bobbie, my grandmother, showed up wanting to play detective. I’m not giving up until I get to the bottom of the mystery, and I have a feeling Bobbie won’t either. But can we find out the truth before someone gets killed? Or worse—my mother finds out what we’ve gotten ourselves into! Kinsey Millhone meets Miss Marple in The Black Daiquiri, a novella-length mystery with characters you will fall in love with. Get your copy today! Read more