• Romance

    Baby Daddy, Everything I Want:

    Her voice opens my eyes, but her body catches my stare.
 Joanna is innocent. Kind. With eyes that beg for adventure and a body that succumbs to command.
 She’s everything I want, and everything I don’t need.
 I have to stay away.  To enjoy the night with my friend.
 To rid my life of its darkness.
 But all I can think about is her body underneath those clothes.

 Her high notes fill my ears, but her body cushions my fall.
 And now, she’s carrying my child.
 My shadows lash out at her.
 My lustful indulgence now makes her a target. I’ll do anything to keep her safe. Beat down anyone who tries to touch her.
 I’m savage. Fierce. With a past so dark it blinds.I’m nowhere near a Daddy, but I’ll stop at nothing to keep her safe.
 Even if it kills me.
 Even if it swallows me whole.