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    Germs! Germs! They don’t care!

    The germs have made Miyam rather sick. He has all the horrible symptoms, from a scratchy throat, to a sore head. But what is a cat to do when he’s managed to get so sick? Will he get well again? When washing your hands and staying well is more important than ever, how do you teach a child why they need to be careful of germs, and how they can protect themselves and others? Join Miyam in learning what he needs to do to stay safe from the germs next time. As children start to learn about the world around them, personal hygiene and keeping themselves and others healthy are important concepts, but sometimes hard to explain. This book is a fun, rhyming story where children can follow the journey of Miyam, a toy cat, to understand some of the symptoms of being sick, where germs might be hiding out, and what we can do to avoid getting sick and not spread germs to others. The germ characters in the story are entirely imaginary (and perhaps even cute?) but allow a child to start understanding the concept of germs and some of the ways to stay clean and healthy such as sneezing into your elbow, washing your hands and staying home so that the germs are not spread to others. Why this book? Kids will love the rhymes and remember the key concepts as the rhyme stays in their head. Keeps the kids engaged looking for Miyam’s two friends in each page. Provides a fun, non-serious approach to why we sometimes get sick, and how to avoid germs. Promotes handwashing and other techniques for staying healthy and stopping the spread of germs to others. Excellent resource for home, kindergartens, pre-schools, and childcare. Read more