• Historical Fiction

    An Invitation to Scandal (The Sins & Scandals Series Book 1)

    AN INVITATION TO SCANDAL Nicholas Sheridan, Viscount Roxton, is as wicked as they come, but when his sinful actions result in the death of one of his peers, guilt forces him to change his scandalous ways and seek redemption through marriage to a proper lady. Miss Abigail Laytham is a lady on a mission, determined to see the man responsible for her beloved uncle’s death pay.But revenge has its price, and with scandal courting her every step, can the headstrong beauty find the satisfaction she craves, or will she find something else entirely at the hands of her former beau, Viscount Roxton. The Sins & Scandals Series While there are those who spend their time in modest pursuits, upholding propriety befitting the lords and ladies of the ton, it would seem that for others scandal is just a sin away… THE SINS & SCANDALS SERIES AN INVITATION TO SCANDAL A SCANDALOUS PASSION A SINFUL TEMPTATION THE LADY’S SINFUL SECRET SURRENDER TO SCANDAL A SINNER NO MORE THE SWEETEST SIN A MOST SCANDALOUS CHRISTMAS A HINT OF SCANDAL Read more