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    What Is Supply and Demand?: Fundamental Elements of Most Economics Principles

    Kindle reader: Please use horizontal mode Do you want to give your child an early start in learning how the economy works? Supply and demand are the fundamental elements of most economic principles and surround us in our everyday lives. Your child will learn about the basics of supply and demand through reading a cute and fun story they can relate to. Recommended for ages 3-8. SynopsisCharlie has a bakery that sells cookies and ice cream sandwiches. His bakery has many customers in the summer but fewer in the winter. What does he do to get more customers? How does price affect demand? How does a change in supply affect price and demand? What parents think about this book… “My 7 year old understood everything and can put it in context of what is going on right now with supply chain crisis” “Explaining supply and demand is no easy task even for high school economics teachers. This book laid out a fantastic example with such depth and clarity.” “It explains supply and demand in a simple story form. I recommend it for early readers.” “Was a very short read but well explains the concept for a child” “This is the sort of thing that I wish they taught in schools, because the earlier that kids understand these valuable concepts, the better!” Read more