• Children's

    The Most Important Thing in the World

    Emma is a guinea pig with an identity crisis. The neglected pet of a Tolkien-obsessed boy who really wanted a dog, Emma escapes her cage to the wild spaces of Florida, certain she is either a dragon or a German Shepherd. A chance meeting with a mottled duck and an iguana allies this unlikely trio on a quest for self-discovery. Along the way, they seek counsel from true friends, fair-weather friends, wise creatures, cruel creatures, well-intentioned strangers, an offbeat shaman, and a strange artist. In a journey that takes them from the suburbs to the swamps, to the highlands, then the ocean, and back again, these friends ultimately learn that true clarity comes when one refuses to be shaped from the outside in and instead tells their own story from the inside out—however unexpected that story may be. The Most Important Thing in the World is no ordinary coming-of-age story; this episodic folktale will resonate with the young and young at heart as you join Emma and her steadfast friends on a wild and exhilarating journey to the point where clarity is derived from chaos. Read more