• Children's

    Dog Star Night: a Fantasy Adventure Story

    What Awaits Beyond is Beyond Incredible! Eleven-year-old Benny adventures to outer space to discover his inner strength. Kind-hearted Bella and playful Pup are canine travelers from the Star Realm. They’ve come to Earth on a mission. They’re in search of a hero. Young Benny from the desert town of Prickly Pear doesn’t seem much like a hero. He can’t even fend off the neighborhood bully, DJ. Worse yet, Benny is now without his dog, Max, his lifelong companion and fierce protector. The bully has free rein. But dogs can sense what can’t be seen. And Bella and Pup sense courage and compassion inside Benny. Could this regular kid from Prickly Pear be the extraordinary hero Bella and Pup are searching for? To find the answers, Benny will have to venture to the stars, to a world that astounds! Dog Star Night is the original, Star Realm-inspired tale about the spirit of loyalty, love, and courage — the spirit of the Dog Star. Read more