• Young Adult

    The Heart Shed: A Tragic Necessity

    An Inspirational Triumph Supplied by a Heartbreaking Tragedy A Brand New Type of Mystery Novel! Steve needs a new heart. Three young strangers are too busy making their way in the world to realize one of them is destined to save a life. A heart transplant is not a miracle, it is the result of one human’s ultimate sacrifice. Behind every undeserved triumph is a heartbreaking tragedy. The Heart Shed blends these two parallel suspense stories into one medical thriller. Steve is a middle-age high school teacher in Dallas, Texas. A medical crisis interrupts his life when he is diagnosed with heart failure and forces him to face the reality that he has alienated himself from everyone he cares about. He learns the error of his way, but is it too late to change a life of self-absorption? Ranae and Wayne are madly in love and living out the perfect romance. As they build a life together, they separately strive to establish promising careers. For Ranae, it is a long hard road to becoming a nurse, but she is up for the challenge. Wayne is a seminary student, who has secretly lost his faith. He struggles to come to terms with his hypocrisy while keeping this secret from Ranae. Kurt has just graduated from high school and is obsessed with his best friend Julie. He’d like romance but is stuck in the friend zone. Can he convince Julie they were meant to have more? Each of these burgeoning adults are called upon to play an inspirational role in Steve’s miracle. One must take the lead role, who will it be? By necessity, every heart transplant requires an abrupt and unforeseen tragedy, trading in a bad heart for a good one. One life is saved at the price of another. Grand plans and ambitions are halted to grant each heart transplant recipient the gift of life. The suspense grows steadily throughout this medical thriller until the heart donor is ultimately revealed. About the Author: Kevin Cobb was born in Dayton, Ohio with transposition of the great arteries. This condition was temporarily corrected with open heart surgery when he was two years old. In October of 2014 he received a heart transplant from an unknown donor. Kevin is a high school and middle school teacher of English, history, and geography. He currently lives in Rowlett,Texas. Read more