• Horror

    The Hateful: Downfall

    What does it mean to pursue a dream?Lucifer Armedeus stares down towards a group of human protesters, knowing that they’ve all but condemned his race, dreaming of destroying the Divinity that created them.And becoming the new god of his world.Newman is the lieutenant charged with apprehending Lucifer and bringing him in. However, Newman has secrets of his own.He’s a traitor of their race, who dreams of uniting them with humanity.Meanwhile, leading the protest Lucifer is about to sabotage, Diana Skagen dreams of becoming someone who can make the world a better place.A dream which will put her on a collision course with the race she has been brought up to fear for almost her entire life.The Hateful.As their dreams intersect, all three of them will learn what it means to be hateful, and the price that must be paid in order to pursue a dream. Read more