• Young Adult

    The Playlist Diaries Book 1: Fast Forward My Heart

    2022 PENCRAFT AWARD WINNER She’s running from her mom’s scandalous relationship.But will she end up in one of her own? Indiana 1981 15-year-old Red’s life is in shambles. Her small town is still reeling from the scandal her mom created when she came out as a lesbian, her dad has just died, and the beloved farm she grew up on has been sold. And if that weren’t bad enough, now she’s forced to befriend the bully harassing her at school or else… well, she really doesn’t want to think about what comes after that “or else” part. But a headlight of hope shines through her troubles one night when handsome college student Will Calder drives into her life. The former high school basketball star (who is oddly obsessed with The Rolling Stones), intrigues Red. She’s thrilled when Will invites her to join him cruising the back roads every weekend as he teaches her his life lessons through the music of the Stones. As the weekends pass, Will’s lessons start to work. Red’s life does get better, just like he promised it would. But now Red has a new dream: To be more than just friends with Will. But that’s impossible. Will is way too old for her and already has a girlfriend. Plus, there’s that annoying habit he has of treating her like a little girl. Yet the more time they spend alone together on the dark roads and the more music they listen to, the closer they become. So close that Red begins to wonder if Will really is as off-limits as she once thought he was. Pressured by her friends who insist Will is only leading her on and scared to let down the walls she’s built around herself since her mom’s scandal, Red must decide if she can trust Will. During a tumultuous confrontation, Red is forced to finally speak up and reveal the truth of how she feels. Will Red learn the hard way that You Can’t Always Get What You Want, or will she finally find the Satisfaction she’s been searching for? Read more