• Paranormal

    Bare Knuckle Kodiak: BBW Paranormal Romance Bear Shifters (Ultimate Shifting Championship Book 4)

    BBW Roxy Jacoby needs a change. She’s tempted fate for too long as a bear shifter living in the city and after a close call with her unruly bear, she decides to move into the wild for the first time in her life. She heads to work at Cash Loggings a logging company exclusively for shifters. It seems like a shifter paradise but the reality is anything but. Bear shifter, Wyatt Griffin, is thrilled. Cash Loggings is hiring their first batch of female employees in over three generations. His friends all have mates and with twenty-three women arriving in town one of them has to be his mate. Right? Right??? Roxy quickly catches Wyatt’s eye, but he’s not the only one who finds the curvy bear shifter irresistible. A far more powerful and downright evil shifter has bonded to her as well. And Wyatt and his Kodiak bear will have to fight in the cage for the new woman who has his heart against an opponent who he can’t possibly beat on his own. No Cliffhanger. HEA. Includes graphic sex and violence. Read more