• Horror

    Magic with a Side of Mystery: a paranormal women’s fiction mystery (A Witches in the Kitchen – Love Potion Book 1)

    A dead fiancé, a thousand-year-old secret, and a broken coven that needs to be healed by seven menopausal witches. And a crystal ball with a superiority complex. Wait, that’s not enough? Of course not. Piper and two of her sisters are banned from their village after Piper sends her mother into exile. On accident. Why can’t she find an adultier or witchier adult or witch when she needs one? Blundering about in the human world, Piper and her two sisters devise a plan to start fresh in a community as quirky as they are. With a weird penchant to talk to moose statues and a centuries old feud over water rights – water rights, of all things! – the citizens of Coeur d’Alene welcome the sisters with open arms. Attempting to fit in by standing out, the three witches open a restaurant that quickly becomes infamous for its magic in the kitchen and their salty attitudes. Through mishaps, mistaken identities, jealousies over the appearance of a wish from Piper’s past, and whispers of secrets untold, the three sisters are left wondering if they belong more in their old world or this one. No way could Piper have gotten away with getting locked out of her house in her underwear back home. Shadows seek to destroy them and if Piper’s magic was more reliable, she’d be able to discover just how important family and community can be. Wouldn’t it be great, if Piper’s midlife could be more magic then crisis? Love Paranormal women’s fiction or cozy mysteries? You’ll love this family and their triumph over daily struggles. You’ll laugh, cry, and maybe crave some magic in your life. Read more