• Horror

    The Phoenix Prince (Royal Blood Book 1)

    A vampire has never been a hero in their land, but now one is their only hope. The king is dead, but Prince Keiran has no desire to take his place. All he wants is the freedom to pursue the woman he loves. His status makes that illegal, and the widespread rumors of his vampirism aren’t helping. Still, the country is on the verge of collapse, and Keiran is the only one who can rescue it. His father’s top advisor publicly opposes Keiran under the guise of wanting to save their nation from the fate of other vampire-controlled realms. However, his real motivations are far from heroic. He rose to power by killing those who challenged him, and he’s one murder away from stealing Keiran’s birthright. After twenty-three years of abstinence from human blood, Keiran is in no condition to fight his demon-summoning rival. However, the alternative is death and the country falling under the spell of his opponent’s black magic. Though Keiran doesn’t want to be king, he’s always been a patriot, and he will do whatever it takes to save his nation—if he can survive.