• Romance

    Their Dark Secrets (Rich As Sin Trilogy)

    Beauty Can Never Hide the Darkness of the Beast… I’m a man who only lives for revenge.Three years ago, my business rival killed my young wife. I was left with nothing… nothing but dreams of vengeance. Ever since then, I’ve been hunting him.I will ruin him, burn his houses, salt his ashes, and scatter them to the winds.And it all starts when I walk into a club, my eyes on my rival.The only problem?Her.Wide hazel eyes, a nest of raven hair, and curves to tempt me like no other. She smiles at me, a beast who hasn’t known a stranger’s kindness in years.I let my control slip, just for a second. I have to taste her, to feel her under my hands, to hear her moans.And that’s when everything spirals… Read more