• Paranormal

    30 Day Mate (The Real Werewives of Colorado Book 1)

    Will my past steal Saint’s future? After a misunderstanding costs me a dream contract for a cooking show on a major network, I’ll do whatever it takes to repair my reputation.Even apply to be one of The Real Werewives of Colorado.The dating reality show is my last chance to prove I’m for real, even if it means I’ll belong to a wolf shifter forever. Saint Lovell says I’m his mate, and I get whisked away on an all-expenses-paid trip to Colorado Ranch. More than that, the cowboy wolf is counting on me to stop an obscure clause in an ancient treaty from taking the land away from his pack. The cameras are rolling, and now I have to prove I’m the woman I claimed to be on my cooking show. Saint’s willing to give me everything I need to succeed, but am I cut out for real country living?This cowboy is offering me a whole new life, but my reputation insists on following me to Colorado Ranch. This time, the legacy of an entire pack is on the line…Join The Real Werewives for this fun and STEAMY season on Colorado Ranch and follow each couple as they find true love after forty. Read more
  • Paranormal

    Her Captive Wolf (Sawtooth Shifters Book 1)

    When I get word of an illegal dogfighting ring on the edge of town, I’ll do everything in my power to stop it. Once we bring those dogs back to Forever Home animal shelter and get them cleaned up, we realize they’re not dogs at all.They’re wolves.Doesn’t matter–we’ll nurse them back to health and give them a second chance at life before releasing them into the wild. I have to admit, I’m getting attached to the blue-eyed wolf who won’t leave my side.And on the full moon, they shift.That wolf who wouldn’t leave my side? His name is Shadow, and he’ll do whatever it takes to thank me for saving his pack.Not everyone in town is happy the Sawtooth Shifters are back, and their enemies have set their sights on a new target—me.Shadow swears he’ll keep me safe because I’m his mate. But I destroyed my last relationship, and I can’t do that to him too. But if I deny his claim, the pack is doomed.Note from Kristen: Her Captive Wolf was originally published as Forever Home and Rescue Me. Read more