Mischief Impossible

    What happens when the games end and the reality of unrequited love is faced? Lady Nancy is an intelligent and opinionated woman in a world where women are expected to do nothing but marry and produce children. Her rebellion and refusal to conform results in a betrothal to the last man she ever expected; the Earl of Ashworth. The Earl is a man who ridicules her and puts her in her place whenever she dares to speak about any subject considered to be strictly male territory. It would be easy to hate him… if she wasn't so attracted to him. Her best friend, Miss Julia Fielding, is not the least bit hesitant in assisting Nancy in her quest to divest herself of her unwanted fiancé. After all, she's been in love with Lord Ashworth for the longest time. As plots are conceived, Nancy begins to wonder if she truly wants any of them to succeed. The moment the man she is constantly reminding herself she loathes slides an engagement ring onto her finger, her world is flipped upside down. Will Thomas Ashworth join in the impossible schemes to ensure his own friend, Victor Townson, captures his true love, or will the entire plan explode in everyone's faces? Lord knows he is attracted to the feisty woman, but he never expected that he'd also feel the need to gain her approval. He resolves to do all he can to show her that he is not a man to be trifled with—even if that includes tipping her across his knees for a spanking. Can the four of them survive an impossible mission full of mischief?